Cape Town, Long Street 50

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Experience a unique professional environment that allows you to conduct business on your own terms.

Just like London's SoHo, New Orleans' French Quarter, and Cape Town's renowned Long Street, our contemporary office space is situated amidst a vibrant setting. Surrounding our modern workplace, you'll discover a plethora of coffee bars, intriguing restaurants, renowned bookshops, authentic African craft markets, and cozy backpackers' lodges. The dynamic atmosphere of this social hub is filled with a diverse blend of travelers, locals enjoying their breakfast, enthusiastic shoppers, and energetic morning joggers. Immerse yourself in the lively ambiance of this remarkable center.

If you have a penchant for historic architecture, Long Street is a treasure trove that will captivate you for days. Our office exudes modern style and charisma, complementing the vibrant surroundings. Its remarkable exterior provides scenic views of the bustling streetscape below.

The artful and contemporary design of 50 Long Street reflects the creative spirit that permeates the area. Open and adaptable workspaces, along with comfortable seating areas, foster an environment that encourages collaboration with like-minded professionals and rejuvenates your mind. Just steps away, you'll find a diverse array of restaurants, bars, and cafés, allowing you to observe the world passing by along Long Street while enjoying your surroundings.


Meeting rooms

Car parking


Coffee & tea

Bicycle parking

Wellness Room

Cleaning Service

High speed internet

Event Space

Air condition


Long Street 50, 8001 Cape Town, South Africa

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