Saitama, Atsugi-Kaido

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Shinwa KI Building.

A distinctive establishment in Saitama, offers a remarkable location for your business ventures, boasting an ancient Shinto site surrounded by serene cherry trees and scenic lakeside paths. Its convenient connectivity enhances the appeal, with Omiya train station providing high-speed services for seamless client visits to your workspace.

With its vantage point overlooking the bustling rail interchange of Omiya station, the interior of Shinwa KI Building is bathed in abundant natural light, thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows. This optimal setting creates an ideal environment for enhanced productivity. Additionally, you can enjoy leisurely strolls through the nearby green spaces or attend captivating events at the Sonic City concert hall to unwind after a fulfilling day at work.


Meeting rooms

Cleaning Service

High speed internet

Air condition


Atsugi-Kaido, 330-0854 Saitama, Japan

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