4 inspiring coworking offices in San Francisco

As flexible offices become more and more normal in Oslo, you can start looking around the world for inspiration for these exciting concepts. In this article, Flexspace takes a look at a bunch of innovative office communities in innovative San Francisco - the manager of the coworking trend.

The coworking trend in the United States

The coworking trend that has now spread around the world started in the United States in the late 90's - more specifically, in New York. The concept of 42 West 24 was the very first sharing office to call itself a coworking space. However, the first coworking community, where unity and networking were as important as the physical workplaces, was not founded until some years later. It was called the San Francisco Coworking Space, and opened in 2005. Since then, the trend has spread throughout the United States, and to all continents of the world as well.

Coworking is in principle a democratization of workplaces. Where previously you had to have good capital and a long time horizon to rent offices, these office communities make it possible for almost everyone to gain access to a professional network. This provides development opportunities that previously could only be dreamed of, and a strong international connection with the truly innovative office providers.

San Francisco is a melting pot for innovation in the United States, and here are four of the most inspiring office communities the city has to offer.

The Hivery: Office of Female Innovation

Did you know that offices reserved for women only are becoming more and more popular around the world? In San Francisco is The Hivery - a women's only office community with kindness, creativity, and mentorship that will have a real impact on women's career development as a basic principle. The former ballet dancer Grave Kraaijvanger is behind the concept, based on an ambition to create a creative collective where women can work with innovation and ingenuity in a supportive and powerful environment.

The premises are warm; atmosphere welcoming. There are strong, bright colors everywhere, and a variety of inviting workplaces. At The Hivery, you can join an online community with other entrepreneurs and business developers, get a place in an incubator program, work in the coworking premises, or attend events, developed by women for women. This type of office shows that the niche potential of coworking communities is enormous, both in terms of target audience and membership offerings.

Canopy: For design enthusiasts

Canopy has developed three gorgeous offices in San Francisco, all of which take office design to new heights. The concept is highlighted on almost all lists of coworking alternatives in the city, and when you look at the pictures you understand why. Stylish is just the first name of what Canopy gives its members. The office has been developed on the basis of how important the physical around us has proven to be for productivity, well-being, and mental health in connection with our work. Creativity and productivity are at the heart of Canopy, and the offices are designed to promote these two principles as much as possible for their members.

The facilities at the various Canopy offices are divided into 'Experiences', 'Space' and 'Business Support'. The goal is for you as a member to have the office transformed into the best place you can imagine being. With everything from thoroughly composed cultural evenings to ergonomic furniture from Herman Miller, we can well understand why it often happens that way too.

Covo: Synergy between private life and work

Covo is the office that will make both your working day and your life better. Work-life balance has become a relatively common concept when talking about job satisfaction and a healthy balance between work and private life. The conversation has also come even more into the wind in connection with the home office Covid-19 pandemic has caused for the vast majority of us. The concept of Covo is called Work. Life. Balanced. The offers are simply divided into 'work facilities' - and 'life improvements', which will make it dynamic and synergistic for you as a member to find the perfect balance.

Under the work facilities we find things like access 24/7, meeting rooms, events, printer and scanner, tea and coffee, and telephone booths; everything one would expect from a modern coworking office. On the life improvement side, you will find the slightly more unconventional offers, such as a coffee bar, beer lounge, breakfast and lunch, a room where you can take a nap, and the opportunity to take your pet to the office. Covo does everything they can to create an environment that promotes productivity, put in the context of a well-balanced life.

Bespoke: Incubator for tech and West Coast innovation

One cannot talk about coworking premises in San Francisco without highlighting an office with a specific focus on tech innovation. After all, this is the city where the digital revolution began, and Bespoke is tailored for technological development. These are offices for those with a brand new idea - and who want all that San Francisco has to offer when they put it to life. Bespoke has been featured in newspapers such as Forbes, Business Insider and The San Francisco Chronicle, and is a meeting point for events, coworking, and retail innovation.

The community is both a workplace and a network that has a special focus on putting entrepreneurs in touch with each other so that they can further develop their ideas. In addition to collaboration, sustainability is also a key principle at Bespoke, and the offices oozes creativity, entrepreneurship and diversity.

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