Barcelona - Heaven for flexible offices!

Barcelona: Coworking Heaven

Barcelona is a mecca for freelancers, soloists and coworking enthusiasts and the city in Europe with the most coworking premises per square meter. Nevertheless, the vast companies' interest in flexible offices has led to enormous growth in the coworking sector in Spain. Between 2018 and 2019, the rental of this type of office space increased by 71%.

Thanks to national banks, recruitment giants and IT companies that choose to move parts of their business to coworking and other flexible solutions, Barcelona has become known for incredible office treasures with sleek design, strong unity and innovation. Here we take a look at five of them.

OneCoWork - Marina Port Vell

OneCoWork is a unique coworking space. So unique that the office is one of four that was highlighted by Forbes in 2019 as one of the world's most notable. If you have ever wanted to work on the beach, this will become a reality at OneCoWork in Marina Port Vell. That is: You actually work on the water. These office spaces are located in Barcelona's marina, among cruise ships, private boats, beach clubs and seafood restaurants. You can easily imagine something similar in Norway's archipelagos - or in the area around the opera and Bjørvika Barcode.

Here, membership is offered from private offices and permanent workplaces to more flexible solutions such as week passes and access to work in the office's common areas. With OneCoWork, the focus is on designing extraordinary offices that drive innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship among the members. Today, there are three different premises in Barcelona, but the plan is to expand throughout Europe in the coming years.


MOB is Barcelona's very first community-oriented office space, with a focus on entrepreneurship and creativity. This is a local professional community in the true sense of the word, with events, educational opportunities, incubator programs, and beautiful premises. MOB stands for Makers of Barcelona, ​​and the office's vision of creating unique opportunities for unique ideas and people shines through. On the website, you can also read that MOB is much more than just a coworking space; it is a home, an office, a school and an agency. The office offers workshops and teaching and also gives contractors support from idea conception to finished product.

In addition to the considerable offer you get as a MOB member, this is not just a single office - when you sign up for membership, you can choose between three different premises in Barcelona. This is flexible both in terms of the office itself but also quite literally. With access to three other coworking places, the opportunities to build networks and get to know even more people are tripled.


Betahaus is located in Gracía - a hip, luxurious and artistically dense district of Barcelona. Here you get access to five floors of coworking, with all the benefits this entails. Want to work out in the sun one day? Sit on the roof terrace at a lovely wooden table, surrounded by beautiful, lush plants. Or work inside, on one of the four open floors, with elements of both wooden beams and bricks. Betahaus oozes calm and focus, and its vision is to reshape the workplace of the future. Here you can choose between everything from a day membership to private offices.

There is also a café and bar on the premises - which during the Covid pandemic has been converted into several different café stations so that members can continue to work safely. Betahaus focuses on startups and entrepreneurship, with private offices that can accommodate 4 to 22 people. Given the importance of flexibility for this type of business, it is no wonder that this coworking venue ranks high among Barcelona's many options.

Aticco Urquinaona

Aticco is a giant in the coworking market in Catalonia's capital, with six different office spaces around the city. Urquinaona is their flagship, and the crown jewel is the 400 square meter roof terrace located on the seventh floor of the building and has a fantastic panoramic view of Barcelona. Before Covid-19, this was used as the event area for Aticco, with everything from Halloween to summer barbecue parties. Like other coworking venues, there is a strong focus on building unity and culture among the members, even though the Urquinaona office is now becoming too large to maintain the community feel.

However, Aticco is trying to do something about this by opening several smaller premises, such as Aticco Bogatell, specifically designed for tech startups. You also get the opportunity to benefit from the community as a member; Aticco mediates services within admin, marketing and web development across the various companies that work for them. In this way, this coworking supplier builds unity in a sophisticated manner and is really at the forefront among the providers in Barcelona.

Depot Lab BCN

Depot Lab has roots in a Dutch concept store and works with entrepreneurship in focus. In these coworking premises, you, as an entrepreneur or solo entrepreneur, will have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life in a productive, supportive and dynamic community. Depot Lab is also multicultural - with founders from the Netherlands and Andorra / Morocco - and therefore encourages people with a varied background, both professionally and personally, to become members. These coworking suppliers have three different premises, each with its own unique, creative touch.

The atmosphere gets the most praise from the freelancers and startup companies that work at Depot Lab. The combination of playful creativity and hard work makes the members flow quickly and feel part of the office community. Depot Lab organizes workshops, photography exhibitions, and other events, always focusing on innovation.

The coworking revolution is taking Norway by storm, and it is not unlikely that we will see more and more flexible office solutions on the map in the coming years. Barcelona is a prime example of how much you can achieve with innovative premises and what it does for the people who work in them.

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